Day 3: Top Ten Couples of 2013

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wednesday, December 25th – Best ________ of 2013 (Reader’s/Blogger’s choice. Please fill in the blank with ONE of these topics – Villains, Contemporaries, Dual POVs, Novellas, Adult titles, New Adult titles, Love Triangles, Couples, Bad Boys or Debuts. REMEMBER: this list MUST be from books you’ve READ in 2013)

Today's Topic...                          Best Couples of 2013

   (This is in no particular order.)

1. Anna & Kaidan
Sweet Peril by Wendy Higgins
They are the most cutest couple, seriously. I am extremely happy that Kaidan finally let Anna in. I just love it when Kaidan teases Anna. He's a bad boy and she's innocent; his sin being lust makes it more sexy. I can't wait for Sweet Reckoning.

2. Katy & Daemon
Origin by Jennifer L. Armentrout
This couple is right next to Anna and Kaidan. I'm telling you now they are the same level of sexiness. One day I'm going to make a post discussing Kaidan and Daemon. It makes me wonder how they would interact with each other. Would they get along or would they argue.

3. Kylie & Lucas
Chosen At Nightfall by C.C Hunter
I feel like not a lot of people know of this book. But they should they really should. This couple is so cute together. I love the fact that they knew each other when they were little. Lucas gave her a kiss when she was little and asleep. How adorable.

4. Calaena & Chaol
Crown Of Midnight by Sarah J. Mass
I was so glad when they finally gave in and oh sweetness. The ending had me in tears. I really need the next book and I hope it's not the end for them.

5. Evie & Jack
Endless Knight by Kresley Cole
I love them and I'm so glad that Jack didn't run away from Evie scared. It was so steamy and hot. I hope Jack is saved in the next book, which I'm really anticipating. I felt guilty about falling in love with Death/Aric. He's gonna be heartbroken at the sight of Evie with Death.

6. Charlie & Dante
The Collector by Victoria Scott
This book reminded me of another book called Personal Demons by Lissa Desrochers, which I loved. At first I hated Dante for hurting Charlie and then wanting to be with her. I wanted to enter the book and hit him with a shovel for making her cry. But I love him and I love him with Charlie. They are so adorable together. I have yet to read The Liberator and I can't wait.

7. Sydney & Kyler
Frigid by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I freaking loved this couple. I hated Kyler for hurting Sydney so many times and not knowing he was doing it. Being with all those girls was so stupid of him doing. If he loved Sydney, he should have manned (not sure if that's a real word) and told her how he felt about her in the first place. All that shit could have been avoided. But I still love him like any other guy that screws up in books. But hey we're all human being right. We all make mistakes.

8. Alex & Aiden
Elixir by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Wow, I am so behind on this series. But that means that I could just finish the series whenever I want to without waiting on the last book since it's already out. But I don't want it to end :( But I'm so excited to read Seth's story. I love Seth but not with Alex. So whoever is the main chick in his story is going to be really lucky. Plus it's NA :D

9. America & Maxon
The Elite by Kiera Cass
Don't you just love this beautiful cover. But hey that was yesterday and today is about the cute couple. I wanted to smack Maxon for not proposing to America at the party and for kissing Celeste. But America beat me to it. Well, technically, she shoved him but it was good enough for me. But I still forgive him like I always do to any hot guy in a book. I loved the scene when they were in the safe room together and alone. Also when he put the bracelet back on her :)

10. Serena & Hunter
Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout
This is an Adult book so of course it was full of sexiness and oh my... Hunter just blew me away. I loved that he was an Arum. I loved that we got to see the perspective from an Arum and see that they aren't evil because there is no such thing as an evil species. Only good or bad people. But enough about that. I'm sad that this is a standalone book. I wanted more of Hunter and Serena. I loved that he was sweet to her in the end. The way he cares for her and forgive me but I loved when he was feeding from her. It was such a turn on ;)


             Hope everyone had a nice Christmas Eve. Happy whatever you celebrate! I hope everybody has a wonderful day with their family and friends. Now I'm gonna go wake up my older sis so that we can finally open presents with the family. So excited :D I really wanna know what I got.


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