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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome to my stop on the Where You'll Find Me blog tour hosted by Rockstar Book Tours.

Where You'll find Me by Erin Fletcher

Release Date: January 7, 2014
Format: eARC, 255 pages
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Source: Provided by the publisher

          Synopsis from Goodreads:

When Hanley Helton discovers a boy living in her garage, she knows she should kick him out. But Nate is too charming to be dangerous. He just needs a place to get away, which Hanley understands. Her own escape methods (vodka, black hair dye, and pretending the past didn't happen) are more traditional, but who is she to judge?

Nate doesn't tell her why he's in her garage, and she doesn't tell him what she's running from. Soon, Hanley's trading her late-night escapades for all-night conversations and stolen kisses. But when Nate's recognized as the missing teen from the news, Hanley isn't sure which is worse: that she's harboring a fugitive, or that she's in love with one.

My Review:

The instant I read the summary, I felt I liked it. But when I finally sat down and read it, I fell IN LOVE. It was a nice and sweet story. I was hooked from the very first page. But I felt like the story was more focused on Nate's problems than Hanley's, which was okay since I liked Nate.

Even though I liked this book, I didn't feel like it was realistic. I mean if I was Hanley I wouldn't have let Nate stay in the garage, I probably would have run to the house and call the police even if Nate was good looking. But I'm just glad that this book wasn't instant love because Hanley did want him gone but then she let him stay.

I really liked Nate. He made me laugh at times and I loved his personality. I really felt bad for him, not having a place to go and having to stay in the cold. I wanted to enter the book and give him a hug. Especially when he got sick and into a fight, where his nose was bleeding and he seemed worn out. I thought he was a great guy but I didn't fall in love with him enough to add him to my list of book boyfriends. I honestly think we would just make good friends.

 Hanley wasn't so bad either but I can't say that I loved her character. I couldn't really become a part of the book like I pretend I'm Hanley. I really love I feel like I'm in the book but I couldn't with this book. It's not a bad thing but it would have made the experience much better. I guess it's because I can't really relate or connect with Hanley that much.

Something I would have liked to have seen in the book is a little drama. Some jealousy in Hanley when Nate and Rosalinda seemed to be flirting. Then when Nate and Hanley started kissing I wanted more passion. I also wanted to see an epilogue of how their future will be. It just left us there hanging.

What I liked about this book is that it had me guessing as to why Nate would have to hide in a garage. I wouldn't say this book is predictable.

My favorite scene was when Hanley found Nate sick and his nose bleeding. The way she nursed him was so touching and sweet and caring to me.

I would really love to see a suquel to this book depicting how Nate and Hansley are in the future. But sadly this book is a stand alone novel as far as I know. Oh well.

4 out of 5 stars

About Erin:
Erin Fletcher is a morning person who does most of her writing before sunrise while drinking excessive quantities of coffee, believes flip-flops qualify as year-round footwear, and would spend every day at the beach if she could. She has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics (which is almost never useful when writing books) and lives in North Carolina.
You can visit Erin on her website and on Twitter.


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