Review: Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Endless Knight by Kresley Cole

Date Published: October 1, 2013
Format: Hardcover, 336 pages
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Source: Bought
Series: The Arcana Chronicles, #2
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Synopsis from Goodreads:

Shocking secrets.
Evie has fully come into her powers as the Tarot Empress, and Jack was there to see it all. She now knows that the teens who’ve been reincarnated as the Tarot are in the throes of an epic battle. It’s kill or be killed, and the future of mankind hangs in the balance.

Unexpected allies.
With threats lurking around every corner, Evie is forced to trust her newfound alliance. Together they must fight not only other Arcana, but also Bagmen zombies, post-apocalyptic storms, and cannibals.

Gut-wrenching treachery.
When Evie meets Death, things get even more complicated. Though falling for Jack, she’s drawn to the dangerous Endless Knight as well. Somehow the Empress and Death share a history, one that Evie can’t remember—but Death can’t forget…

In this seductive follow-up to Poison Princess, #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole takes us deeper into the dark world of the Arcana Chronicles.

My Review:

   Endless Knight is probably one of the most spectacular sequels I've read in my entire bookish life. All the feels, all the twists. I loved it all. I loved Death. But I love Jack too so now it's a problem. I know some people are tired of love triangles. But TRUST me, this is such a hot triangle. Both guys are ridiculously sexy. They are good, well developed characters that you won't know who to choose.
   The book picks up exactly right after Poison Princess, with Evie tapping into her full Empress powers for the first time. She made her first Arcana kill, officially entering her into the game. Jack was there to witness it. And he's scared but he's still attracted to her, big time. But it breaks Evie's heart at his reaction of seeing her become the Empress. It hurts her deeply, especially because she's finally coming to terms with what she is.
   Evie grows so much from Poison Princess. She's come a long way. She's not solely dependent on Jack anymore as she has her powers. But in Poison Princess, she needed Jack to protect her and now she can defend herself. Evie is not the little girl she was when she was so helpless. She's learning to become a leader and protecting those she cares about.
   Jack is hot as hell as always, it cannot be helped that Kresley Cole wrote such a good ass character. But he has also gone through some major character development in a good way. He's not that bad jerk as he used to be from the very beginning of Poison Princess. Once Evie and he get to explore each other, he becomes so sweet to her. He cares deeply about her. He's the type that would put forth his life to protect someone he loves. In the beginning of Endless Knight, he became scared of who Evie was becoming, the Empress, but their feelings intensifies as the book progresses and Jack learns to not fear her. But towards the end of the book, we learn that we have yet to learn Jack's whole story. We get to know about his other real connection to Evie.
   Then we have Death, the other half of my heart. He's my new book boyfriend. But I'm still with Jack. I..I just can't decide. I didn't like Death at first because he tried to get in between Evie and Jack's relationship. But I grew to pity him. And I don't hate Evie for being so drawn to him because I am too.  Death's past with Evie will shock you. He unveils a very unforeseen twist to the story, which had me jumping up and down. It just blew my mind. It was such a really big BIG shock. And it was high point and turn for me and it will be for you as well. There's so much sexual tension between him and Evie (this is an upper YA).
   If you thought that Evie and Jack's chemistry was good, just wait 'till you read about Death and Evie. I adore them together. I love them and want them to be together but I also want Evie with Jack which is why I hate that it gets so complicated. Kidding... I don't hate it, I love the story but it is complicated. It's like Evie is destined to be with Death but she's fated to be with Jack. I ship both couples so hard. It just brings me so many feels and emotions and I don't know what to do with it.
   There is a cliffhanger ending so be prepared for the agony and the long wait before the next book comes out. This book will definitely make you beg for the next book to come out sooner rather than later. It sets up everything for what's to come in the next book in the series. I'm obliviously really really excited for it. I want to see Jack and Death in a scene together. That should be really fun to read about. There's going to be so much testosterone so be ready for that ;)  
   I loved everything from Endless Knight. It will totally rock your world. It will shock you, it will thrill you, and you will be a very VERY happy person. I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Everybody needs to read this. It was such a glorious read. The big twist in the story just made it so much better that I can't wait to read the next book, Dead of Winter. 

5 Stars: Blew My Mind!! :D :D

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