I've got Opposition and The Return by JLA!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014
   So as you all probably know, I'm a huge Jennifer L. Armentrout fan. I've read all of her books and I own most of them in paperback. And wish that some day I can meet her. She's my favorite author of all time. She just knows what readers like in a book, she knows there has to be steamy kissing scenes and lots and lots of swooning.
   She's written so many hot guys that are all on my book boyfriend list like...

  • Daemon from The Lux Series
  • Cam from Wait for You
  • Carson from Don't Look Back
  • Roth and Zayne from The Dark Elements Series
  • Kyler from Frigid
  • Aiden and Seth from The Covenant Series
   The list could go on and
on and on... But I didn't come to talk about how awesome and sexy and gorgeous her guys are. I wanted to tell you guys how I privileged I am to have won her contests two times. I've entered her contests so many times and have dreamt that I could have won. And now I can tell it. 
   I first won a contest by her in June called "LUX VOLUME 1 AND 2 ARE OUT!" And this is what I won... I got to read an ARC of Stone Cold Touch that will be release this upcoming October. And my review will soon be up. I just wanted to say that I loved every single moment of it.

   And then she had these recent contests called The 12 Days of Daemon Black because Opposition will soon be releasing. And I was fortunate to have won it on the fourth day of the 12 days. Lucky to have won it early because she only gave hardcovers to the first five of the winner I believe.
   It's funny because I was getting anxious each day when it would not arrive. Believe me, it was such a long hard wait. And now I have it and I'm reading it as we speak. I'm happy that I get to be one of the first people to read it but I'm sad because The Lux Series is ending with Opposition and there'll be no more Daemon and Katy :(

   But then I got another surprise that I wasn't expecting when the lady was giving me my package. She handed me a package from Spencer Hill Press. And boy did I have a big guess as to what it was. It was.......... The Return. Also by Jennifer. It's Seth's book and I love him. He was in her Covenant Series and is a total bad boy. And I'm a sucker for bad boys. But Seth is no boy, he is all but a man, a gorgeous man that is. I'm so going to read this after I finish Opposition :D

   And then I finally got my MacBook Pro laptop that my dad finally bought me. I've been wanting one since forever and now I finally have it. Saturday, July 26th of 2014 was such a happy day for me for receiving this things and I will forever cherish them. I will cherish Daemon and Seth. I heart them and every JLA boy that is written or will soon be written.
   There that is what I had to let out. I had to share my excitement with you guys because my family doesn't understand my bookish ways and why I love books so much. 

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