Review: Eternal by C.C. Hunter

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Eternal by C.C. Hunter

Date Published: October 28, 2014
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Format: E-book, 400 pages
Series: Shadow Falls: After Dark

Summary from Goodreads:
All her life, Della's secret powers have made her feel separated from her human family. Now, she's where she belongs, at Shadow Falls. With the help of her best friends Kylie and Miranda, she’ll try to prove herself in the paranormal world as an investigator—all the while trying to figure out her own heart. Should she chose Chase, a powerful vampire with whom she shares a special bond? Or Steve, the hot shapeshifter whose kisses
make her weak in the knees? When a person with dark connection to her past shows up, it’ll help her decide which guy to choose–and make her question everything she knows about herself.

From bestselling author C.C. Hunter comes Eternal—a must-read for fans of the Shadow Falls series—and the sequel to Reborn.

My Review:

   This book was probably one of my most anticipated books of the year after I finished reading Reborn, the first book in the series. I kind of have mix feelings. I'm in the mist of thinking that I liked it but then there were things that I hated. It's very surreal and neutral feelings for me. I really can't choose...

   Reborn left us with Della almost dying but Chase saved her by giving her his blood and bonding each other. It's been said that the bond has been compared to that of a twin relationship and soul mates. But Della doesn't want to accept that.

   Throughout this book she just keeps on denying it so much and it's because of the feelings that she's harbored for Steve. She doesn't want to do anything with Chase and yet she feels pain (not hurtful pain) when she's not with him. But then we learn that Steve is going to Paris with Perry after being invited to an elite school for shape shifters. It's like this big deal thing. Depending on how it goes for them, then might stay for weeks or months; if they get accepted, four years.

   That really blew my mind and I didn't like it. They weren't really in the book much either. Not even half of the book. It really sucks because I like Miranda and Perry together but now there's a possible story for her. I also felt like C.C. Hunter just wrote the same story she did with Kylie and Derek when he left so that she can sort out her feelings for Lucas. It's almost the same thing with Della and Steve. He leaves so that she can figure out her bond with him. But we don't get a lot of figuring out about the bond. The story really focused on Della and her case with these two ghosts. I honestly didn't like it.

   What I really enjoyed about this is Miranda dealing with Perry going to Paris. But she isn't the focus of the book so that sucks. But I feel like she's going to get her love triangle because she decided to give her old crush a chance. I don't know how I feel about that since I ship her with Perry.

   Something I felt was off about Eternal is that there wasn't a lot of romance going on. Sure there were some scenes between Della and Chase but not a lot to my liking. I didn't feel like we got to see some exploration and developing between their relationship.

   Then we have the ending which I didn't like either. It sort of ended with a cliffhanger. It didn't really interest me that much. But I'll probably still read the next book because I love the characters so much. I really have so much fun with them since I read the first series that introduced us to Della, Steve, and their friends. Naturally they've grown on me and I want to read more adventures with them. Now I would actually read a possible Miranda story because I always told myself that she was my least favorite character but now I'm so intrigued.

   It was kind of a bummer that we didn't get to see some old characters from the original series. Some of them were only mentioned in the background or for a brief time. I really hope to see them again in the next book. That's why I enjoyed the first book because we got to see them once again.

   Eternal is still a good quick read. It can be slow at times but it's still good at making you want to read the next installment. Not a lot of romance and the love triangle kind of dissipates for those who don't like them.

3 Stars: I liked it


  1. I've heard great things about this author

    1. I love her books but I was iffy(wanted to say that for some reason) about this was. Not all bad though.


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