{Blog Tour + Interview} The Shape of My Heart by Ann Aguirre

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Super gracious to have been chosen as a tour host for The Shape of My Heart. I absolutely loved this series and so sad that it's over. Enjoy the author interview with Ann Aguirre and don't forget to enter the giveaway below for your chance to win a signed set of the series!!!!


Some people wait decades to meet their soul mate. Courtney Kaufman suspects she met hers in high school—only to lose him at seventeen. Since then, Courtney’s social life has been a series of meaningless encounters, though she’s made a few close friends along the way. Especially her roommate, Max Cooper, who oozes damaged bad-boy vibes from every pore. 
Max knows about feeling lost and trying to move beyond the pain—he’s been on his own since he was sixteen. Now it’s time to find out if he can ever go home again, and Courtney’s the only one he trusts to go with him. But the trip to Providence could change everything…because the more time he spends with Courtney, the harder it is to reconcile what he wants and what he thinks he deserves. 
It started out so simple. One misfit helping another. Now Max will do anything to show Courtney that for every heart that’s ever been broken, there’s another that can make it complete.

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Make sure you grab the entire 2B Trilogy!


 Out of the entire 2B Trilogy, which has been the most fun and most difficult to write?

Usually, my time is budgeted too tightly for me to go, “WHEE!” and chase a Shiny New Idea down a rabbit hole. However, last Christmas I chased a shiny new idea and came up with I Want it That Way. I wrote the entire thing during my “break” and had a blast doing it. So that was the most fun.

The toughest was the last book because I was crunched with other deadlines.

 Which cover do you like the most?

I can’t choose a favorite. I love all of the covers and I think they go well together. HQN was super-awesome and did a photoshoot so they could get models that looked like the characters.

Do you have any authors you look up to or go for advice?

In college, I discovered romance and fantasy could work together when I read Sharon Shinn for the first time. So clearly I can remember how I felt when I discovered her books for the first time. I was in a dungeon of a shop in Muncie, Indiana. I didn’t really want to be there because, frankly, they sold gaming stuff: Dungeons and Dragons, sourcebooks, dice, graph paper, and pewter miniatures. I wanted to be in a proper bookstore because I had a little money to spend. (My part-time job as a pharmacy tech paid all of $4 an hour.) But I had gamer friends (and I played too, but my great love has always been books), so I was hanging around the store, waiting for them. As I wandered, I eventually came upon a wire book rack. It mostly had TSR novels (Drizzt, Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance) and maybe a few White Wolf stories. I was spinning it listlessly when this fey cover art caught my eye.

Hm, what’s this? I asked myself, plucking the book from the rack. The Shapechanger’s Wife. I read the back and it sounded wonderful, so I bought it at once. While they finished shopping, I hugged the paper bag to my chest and couldn’t wait to get home to start reading. In short, I devoured that one in a few hours and then from that point on, I would buy whatever she released, even if I had to dine on ramen… or nothing at all.

The coolest thing about Sharon Shinn is that so many years later, I’ve had the pleasure of her reading my book for a blurb—and then I met her. After that, I cried tears of pure joy over a dream come true. It’s so wonderful when your idols turn out to be even more amazing than you dreamed. As of now, we’ve gotten together multiple times and I have the pleasure of calling her my friend.

 If you were to enter the world of the 2B Trilogy, which story would you most likely jump into?

Hmmm. When I write, I immerse myself in the world so I feel like I’ve already visited all three!

Is the entire series from your creative mind or do you use past experiences?

Every book I write includes little bits of my experiences, but they are primarily made up. For example, I grew up in the Midwest, so I was able to draw on that experience when writing As Long As You Love Me.

 We have our protagonists from the first two books: Nadia and Lauren. Then we have Courtney for the last book. Who do you relate to the most?

I have something in common with every character I write, even if it’s only a small trait. Nadia and I share a love of indie music, Lauren and I both enjoy gaming and writing fan fiction, and Courtney and I both know what it’s like to feel that you don’t fit in with the crowd.

Who would you say captures your heart and attention more: Ty, Rob, or Max?

I could never choose! When I’m working on a book, I have to be in love with the guy I’m writing. So, I’ve fallen for all three of them.

How do you feel when you complete a series? Are you ecstatic to be finished or sad that it's over?

When I start a big project, a three book arc, I have all these ideas tangled up with the fear that I won’t be able to do them justice. Is my ability equal to my vision? I have no idea. Until I power through and complete the series. Once I do that, it’s the biggest rush and I just savor it. When I wrap up a book, that’s a thrill, but when I write the final volume in a series, it’s indescribably delightful.

Do have any other projects that you're working on after this?

I just finished Breakout, book three in the Dred Chronicles. That will be out next fall. Coming out in April, I have a new Young Adult contemporary romance that I’m so excited for fans to read! The Queen of Bright and Shiny Things will be out April 7th. Public Enemies, book two in the Immortal Game series, will be out in August.

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About Ann Aguirre:

Ann Aguirre is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author and RITA winner with a degree in English Literature; before she began writing full time, she was a clown, a clerk, a voice actress, and a savior of stray kittens, not necessarily in that order. She grew up in a yellow house across from a cornfield, but now she lives in sunny Mexico with her husband, children, and various pets. Ann likes books, emo music, action movies, and she writes all kinds of genre fiction for adults and teens, published with Harlequin, Macmillan, and Penguin, among others.



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