Review: Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis

Monday, December 1, 2014

Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis

Date Published: November 18, 2011
Format: E-book, 223 pages
Series: The Grey Wolves, #2

Summary from Goodreads:
With the challenge complete and the corrupt Alpha of Coldspring defeated Fane is now free to complete the mate bond with Jacque and perform the Blood Rites. Although the challenge is done, the affects are far reaching. Once it is known that Vasile one of the strongest Alphas in the world is in America, specifically Coldspring, TX, there is one Alpha who cannot over look the significance of this. An Alpha who happens to share Jacque's DNA, but is this the one she needs to fear? 
With her mom driving and her two best friends, Jen and Sally in tow, Jacque sets off for
her happily ever after. She will soon realize a plan has been put in motion that will change her course and possibly tear her from Fane's grasp forever. It will take a wolf pack, her mother's love, her two best friend's unrelenting determination, her own will to survive and the undying love of her mate to bring her home. The question remains, if she fights, if she endures, who will she be, what will be left once she is back in her mates arms?

My Review: 

   I could not have asked for a better second book. It was just so well done. And that's coming from a self-published author. Lots of people think that self-published books are terrible but this book series was not. It's the complete opposite of that. I thought the pacing of the story line was so good. And generally, second books in a series come out being not so good for some reason. The first books just lure you in and a bad second book can just turn you away. But this kept me wanting for more. It was so intense.

   Jacque's life changed when she found out that she's not just human. She's half werewolf. Not only that but she was claimed by her mate, Fane, who comes from Romania. As she prepares to complete the Blood Rites, the ceremony that bonds mates, she and her friends get in a terrible accident that leaves her in a comma with almost her whole body burned. When she wakes up, she meets her father for the first time since he left her human mother to be with his true mate. He invokes his alpha rights to not allow her to mate with Fane until she's 18 because he feels that Fane is too young. He blames Fane for not caring for his mate properly. But before he can make his decision on taking Jacque away, his beta, his second in command, kidnaps her to take her as his own mate.

   That's basically what the second half of the book is about and finding Jacque. But we get to see the point of views from Jacques friends. That's something I thought was very good. It foreshadows on what comes next for this series. It's weird 'cause when books change the points of views in a single book, I don't like it at all. But it was well done here. The romance flourished as well. I loved seeing the bond and relationship between Jacque and Fane progress so well. 

   Another problem that Jacque has to deal with are all the thing's her father's beta does to her. He was one effed up man. I know he had his 'reasons' for doing the things he did. But it was still so wrong on so many levels. Then Jacque feels like Fane won't want her because she thinks she's tainted. The way Fane responded to this was so beautiful and it made me love him so much. He's the perfect gentleman.

   Overall, I would recommend this to those who read the first book and loved it. I encourage you all to continue it. And if you are looking to read a good book that wows you. This is the one so stop looking. You gotta read this.

4 Stars: A Great Read!

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