ALA Midwinter: Helpful Tips

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Helpful Tips for the Newbies like myself!!

   Here are my top ten helpful tips to those who are new to ALA like moi!! Or you've never been to books events because I am totally new to everything: meeting authors, book signings, and exhibiting. It's going to be completely surreal for me. I mean how do you go up to an author? I'm so nervous that
I'm shaking right now (literally). 

Talk to people. Introduce yourself and exchange business cards or contact information.

This is probably my number one tip for myself because I am so unbelievably shy!!! But I want to meet publishers and bloggers! Talk to the publicists to who I send book requests to so that they can know me in person.

Don't grab too many ARCS (or free stuff).

Like I said. I'm new and in the event of seeing so many arcs just in one big pile, my mind might just go over board. I'm honestly trying to get acquainted with the galleys I know will be there so that I actually know that I do want it.

Be prepared to be overwhelmed.

There's nothing else to it. There will lots of people that it might be a bit crowded. Waiting in big lines, maybe. Some highly coveted arcs like ACOTAR will be there. And a bunch of publishers and bloggers too. And it's all new and will be such a big adrenaline rush.

Bring a big bag.

I'm bringing one of my tote bags to carry the books that I will acquire. And my backpack to carry things like my jacket, cell phone, and other necessities. And I want to use my backpack to put my books in when I leave. But just try not to bring too many things because you never know how many books you may be walking away with. It could get really heavy. 

Bring the most comfortable shoes you have!

I'll probably be walking around from 9am to 2am. They close at 5pm but I don't want to out there waiting in the dark for the bus

Bring a camera.

This is my first big event and I want to take a bunch of memories and photos. Especially since I want to be able to recap my time at ALA and it's no fun where there aren't any pictures.

Make a schedule and be willing to break it.

I am already adding authors that I want to go their signings at publisher booths. As well as what publishing booth I want to go see right away. But honestly, I feel like I will walk in the exhibit, be stargazing like I won the jack pot, start running all over the place, and my mind will go over board.

   I hope you enjoyed these tips and hopefully they are helpful. Have you ever attended ALA Midwinter or Annual? Will you be attending this Midwinter event? Are you new at this? Or do you have any advice for me. I'd love to know all about it in the comments :)

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