My Chosen Books for January's TBR Thursday

Friday, January 2, 2015
   I said that I would tell you all the books that I will read for this month's TBR Thursday. Right now I chose the 2015 arcs that I currently have. I know I said that TBR Thursday would be about reading books that have been on my TBR pile for a while but I want to make arcs a priority for me; therefore, there's only two books that have already been released.

Here they are:

Currently Reading:

   I know. I'm crazy!! I'm reading three books at once. But right now my priority is Frosfire because it comes out January 6. The publisher sent it to me in an exchange for a review. Once I finish it, I will finish The Maze Runner. I'm almost halfway in already.

  And since Outlander is such a big book (627 pages and the words are small), I decided to take breaks for every 100 pages I finish. I've already read 196 pages in it. It's really interesting but WAY too long. I might not finish it for this month but I will try!!!

To Be Read:

    These are all arcs as well. The first I will read of these will be Dream A Little Dream since it comes out January 6. Then Salt & Stone (2/24), and Kissing TED Callahan (and other guys) (4/15).

Tell me what you think. Are any of these books on your TBR? 
Have you heard of them? Comment down below!!

Here's the Introduction post for TBR Thursday if you missed it. Click here.

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