Book Boyfriend Alphabet Challenge

Sunday, February 15, 2015
  It sounds exactly like you read it. Basically, you have to write down the very first book boyfriend that comes to your mind when you reach the letter. And you have to do it in under 2 minutes.

   You can choose how you want to go along with it. It can be YA, NA, or Adult books (Or all three). And it can be of any genre. You can decide to just do YA Contemporary or just pure randomness. Have fun with this!! And you can worry about writing the book/series of the characters later, you can just write their first name first.

A - Aiden from The Covenant Series

B - 

C - Carson from Don't Look Back

D - Dimitri from The Vampire Academy

E -

F - Four from Divergent

G - Gage from From Ashes

H - 

I -

J - Jasper from Twilight

K - Kaidan from Sweet Evil

L - Lucas from The Shadow Fall series

M - Maxon from The Selection

N - Newt from The Maze Runner

O - 

P - Patch from Hush Hush

Q - 

R - Roth from White Hot Kiss

S - Seth from The Return

T - Thomas from The Maze Runner

U -

V -

W - Will from Divergent

X -

Y -

Z - Zayne from White Hot Kiss

That's it for this challenge!! Let me know in the comments below if you decide to try this and leave a link to your challenge. I would love to see :)

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