REVIEW: Gravity by Melissa Landers

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Gravity by Melissa Landers

Publication Date: December 18, 2012
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Format: E-book, 400 pages
Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Dystopia, Romance
Series: The Taking, #1
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In the future, only one rule will matter: 
Don’t. Ever. Peek. 
Seventeen-year-old Ari Alexander just broke that rule and saw the last person she expected hovering above her bed—arrogant Jackson Locke, the most popular boy in her school. She expects instant execution or some kind of freak alien punishment, but instead, Jackson issues a challenge: help him, or everyone on Earth will die.

Ari knows she should report him, but everything about Jackson makes her question what she’s been taught about his kind. And against her instincts, she’s falling for him. But Ari isn’t just any girl, and Jackson wants more than her attention. She’s a military legacy

who’s been trained by her father and exposed to war strategies and societal information no one can know—especially an alien spy, like Jackson.

Giving Jackson the information he needs will betray her father and her country, but keeping silent will start a war...

  World War IV has destroyed Earth and a deal has been struck between the surviving Earth leaders and the alien race called Ancients. The Ancient restored Earth and made it habitable but in exchange, they get to do what is called The Taking on humans at midnight. The Ancients extract their bodies essentials from the human because their planet is no longer able to provide it.

   In this futuristic world, it's very strict-like and humans are supposed to wear a patch over their eyes so that they can't see the Ancient. They have to wait and be ready by midnight for their assigned ancient to do The Taking before they can fall asleep. And there are punishments like the memory syrum that takes away memories from the last 24 hours.

   It's really scary to imagine living in a place like that.

   Our main character Ari is the military commander's daughter and she is trained to fight in her school. It's kind of extreme and she has to follow the rules or there will be some severe punishments. But one night of The Taking she forgets her patch and to her surprise, she sees her rival, Jackson. He's a really good-looking, popular boy from her school.

   That's exactly where the story takes off. She learns that Jackson has been sent to Earth to prevent a war from happening. But to work with Jackson means lying and betraying her dad and her family's trust.                          

   I honestly have mixed feelings for this one. At the beginning, it really captivated me and I was willing to read on. But then I felt like the romance of the story was really cheesy and not fully developed. It just made it seem unbelievable in my opinion. Maybe it just went way too fast for my liking. There was one particular scene that I thought was really sweet between Jackson and Ari.

   And I did like how there were some multiple plot twists that I didn't even see coming. And the ending just leaves you hanging there.

   There was so much chaos at multiple times in the book and action. That's what kept me on my toes but I feel like the romance was not written too well. I really liked it in the beginning but then my interest dissipated at the middle of the book.

   I really did love Jackson's character. I found him quite humorous at various times. I just kept imagining him as this super hot guy. And loved the part where he walked in on Ari naked. And the time when he told her to try on a dress in front of him. He really is quite naughty and loved that!!

   I do want to read on and see what happens in the next book just because of the cliffhanger. And hopefully, the romance will improve. But I'm not sure I would recommend this one. I just have way too many mixed feelings about it. And I'm not in such a rush to read the second book. The book just kept reminding me of Divergent with the syrums and stimulations that they had. And the testings. And preparing the students to fight. But like I said, I will read the second book out of curiosity.

3 Hearts: I Liked It

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