Shadowhunters TV Show Casting News!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

   I think I've just had a change of heart for The Mortal Instruments movie! I just watched it as it aired on TV and I loved it. Back when I saw it in theaters, I was bored out of my mind. Too late for this since the movie flopped and they're making a TV show named Shadowhunters on ABC Family. And not to mention that they just found the actor to play the role of Jace Wayland.

   I'm really looking forward to seeing the show and I hope it does the books justice. I've personally never read the books and so I can't judge the movie and compare it to the books. But I liked it! I heard
that the movie completely changed the plot of the book and so I can see why people hated it. I hated how they turned The Vampire Academy movie into something worse. As a reader, I totally relate to this.

   The Mortal Instrument movie was actually the real reason why I still haven't read the series. It was just a turn off since I was so bored. But after having watched the movie again. It's sort of sparked something in me and I can't wait to pick up the series. And it's got me so pumped up for the show!

   Lucky me because I actually own the whole series. I had won the set from a sweepstakes that the publisher had. If it wasn't for the fact that I won, I would have never bought it.

Did you guys hear the news on Twitter?!

   It was just announced that Dominic Sherwood will be playing Jace Wayland!!
   I know that Jace in the books has blonde hair so I imagine that once the make up artists and stylists fashion him all up, he will appear more like Jace. I have seen his acting and I very much like it! If you didn't know, he played Christian in The Vampire Academy movie that I mentioned. 

   I heard mostly happy cheers from people all over. They were saying that he was a much better Jace than from the movie. I think Jamie was a very good actor. But I've heard from the fans that Jace is supposed to be arrogant, and cocky. And Jamie came across as much more sweet than that. He's still a very good actor in my opinion.

   Anyways... What do you think of Dom?

Just look at Dom. What do you think of him playing Jace? Tell me in the comments!!

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