Why ARCS Aren't All That!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015
*This post is more directed to bloggers or those in the publishing industry. But maybe you could enjoy this too.*

   Book Expo America, the number one event for the book publishing industry, is finally here (I mean it started yesterday and today the exhibits opened). Lots of people will surely be running to get their hands on some of those limited arcs that will be given away. And with this comes ARC envy for those unable to attend it. There's no denying that I'm sure almost every blogger has felt this when we see that someone obtains that one arc we are desperately wanting.

   There may or may not be drama concerning how some people might have grabbed way too many arcs. Let's hope not...

   But I don't want to talk about that. I wanted to sort of discuss about how some people shouldn't lose control over people receiving a book that doesn't come out for months or days because there are
incidents where people can't control their jealousy and take it out on people.

   Yes, we're all human beings and envy and greed is part of our nature. But we shouldn't lash out at anyone because they get to read the book first. I know that it's really hard to wait for the book to come out but I think those who don't receive the arc would enjoy the finished book even more.

   The reason I say this is because ever since becoming a blogger. Reading has sometimes started feeling like homework. Like every time I receive an arc from the publisher that I requested, I have to try to read it before the release date. And sometimes I start thinking of other books that I want to read. The reading experience is just not the same as it would be if I waited for the finished copy when I could just take my time to read it either slow or fast. I can go at my own pace and not worry about reading it and writing my review before it comes out. And I also don't have to keep checking if the release date has changed because sometimes galleys change their date of release. All these things sometimes leaves me stressed out and that's not what I want.

   My experience back in ALA Midwinter was very thrilling and enjoyable. And I was happy with all the galleys I was able to obtain. But I felt like I didn't really enjoy the ones I've read as I would have if I had just read the finished book. I'm not saying I disliked them all. But maybe I could have appreciated them more.

   I also wanted to point out that out of 50 some books, I've only read like 12 of them. And now I know when they say you shouldn't pick out every book you see. I didn't do that but I did grab a ton that interested me when I should have been realistic about it. I was kind of a newbie and couldn't really control myself. But now I will know better when I attend BEA in 2016 because it's coming to Chicago!!

  I mean I suppose it's not a bad thing if you're a fast reader but my pacing really depends on how much I love a book. I will either love it that I want to finish it in one sitting because I need to know what happens or it's the type that I want to go slow and savor it.

   But nobody should ever feel like you're reading for homework, otherwise, the experience won't be that thrilling. That's why sometimes, I miss the days when I wasn't a blogger.

   But I do love the feeling when I know that I'm one of the lucky people who get to read a book before it's out in the world. It's really cool and I love it. But having arcs has it's pros and cons. We can avoid spoilers because the book isn't out. But then we have to wait even longer for the sequel.

   After BEA is over, people will most certainly be posting pictures of all the books they obtained and their recaps. And I heard that there was an unrelated incident where someone responded to a picture of someone's arc they had and said something along the lines of how they shouldn't brag or show off. But the point of arcs isn't to hide them. It's to promote it and put the word out there and publicize it!

   Whenever I receive an arc, I always enjoying taking pictures and putting them on my Twitter and Instagram. But post it in a kindly manner and not to show off. I always love showing gratitude whenever a publisher sends me books.

   So good luck to all you BEA attendees. I wish you all the luck with all the madness! I hope you all stay safe and aren't pushed or bumped into. And remember that even if you don't obtain the arc you wanted, it will eventually come out!

   What do you guys think? Have you ever felt like this? Are you going to BEA? 


  1. I'm not at the point where I receive print ARCs, but I've felt similarly with eARCs from NetGalley sometimes. It starts to almost feel like a chore to get a book read, and what's worse is if you don't like the book, you feel more obligated to finish it than if it was a book you bought yourself.

    I wish I could go to BEA though, not just for ARCs (though that's always a plus) but to get to meet tons of my favorite authors and be surrounded by others that understand my passion. One day I hope I'll have the money/time to go!

    Mandy's Books and Beauty

    1. I don't receive a ton either. The only reason I have many print arcs is because of the library conference I went to. But I definitely understand the feeling of books sometimes feeling like a chore that's why I haven't really requested much this year. This year, I'm trying to focus on lowering my TBR. As for BEA, I really want to go to meet the authors too! Next year it's going to Chicago and so I will most likely be attending :)

  2. I'm a new book blogger... So I have yet to experience this yet... It's a bit mind-boggling to me that people would be hateful over the fact we get free books. If you are requesting books and doing all the things available to book bloggers you get way more books than you can possibly read.
    I agree with your point that ARC's are meant to be shared it's the very purpose of their existence....
    Bottom line do not be hateful people... (Book Bloggers) There are plenty of books for review!

    1. I think it has something to do with some people abusing the arcs they get. They sometimes get sold or pirated when it's illegal. But yeah, sometimes there are times when people will become hateful of the fact that some people are receiving arcs.

  3. Totally agree with this post! I've been to the point where I didn't want to read any review books because it felt like work, but I felt guilty if I read one that I bought because I had so many review books to read before publication date, so I just didn't read anything. I think that was the longest reading/blogging slump that I've been in. When I finally decided to start back up again, I decided that I was going to alternate between a review book and one from my shelf. But that's not set in stone either, if I actually want to read 3 review books, or 2 books from my shelf straight in a row, then I will. Basically, I still try to read/review books before pub date, but in the end, I'm going to read what I'm in the mood for. This system has really helped me not get burned out.

    1. That's exactly what I've been trying to do as well. It's not working out because I do have many arcs to read. And I'm trying to read them in order of release date. There are some books releasing later than some books. But it won't do me any good if I'm forcing myself to read them. Also, if you have to force yourself to read a book, then that means I shouldn't have picked it up in the first place. So I decided to forget the whole release date plan for some books and read the ones I want to read first.

  4. I definitely am with you on this. I mean I LOVE getting ARCS but my life doesn't change if I don't get the ARCS I want. Sure, I get a twinge of jealousy. I'd be lying if I said I didn't. But, the whole thing gets really out of hand. Great post, I was just talking about this with someone!

    1. Yeah, we all experience jealousy and that's normal. But people can definitely get out of proportion when they shouldn't. We're not always going to get the books we want. And they just have to learn to wait.


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