A Reader's Pet Peeve: Different Opinions On A Book

Sunday, June 14, 2015
   As book lovers, we all have lots of books that we're just dying to read. But what happens when you shout out your excitement for a particular book on social media and someone says that didn't like it?

   This has happened to me various times and I absolutely hate it! Like why would you say that? I'm here all excited about the books and then I get told by someone that they didn't like it. The way I work as reader is that if I see lots of positive reviews on Goodreads, I feel excited going into the book. But if I see more people giving it mixed reviews, I get nervous and will most likely set it aside
for other books I'm more excited to read.

   The same can be said when I get told by someone that they didn't enjoy the book. It makes me nervous and anxious and I hate feeling like that. That's why I don't always go on Goodreads all the time because I like going into a book without knowing much about it.

   It's one of the things I love about arcs. Not many people have read the book and so there is less of a chance that people don't know a lot about it. And there won't be anyone to bring down my reading mode for the book. And the best of all, there won't be spoilers!

   Maybe not everyone really cares about other people's opinions but I certainly do. I wish I wasn't like that but I am. And when I see that a book has mixed reviews, I get nervous about buying it and trying to read it.

   I don't think these people I've encountered realize this. And so I don't blame them for it. But they may not know that what they say can affect someone's mood on books. Because maybe I'm not the only one who feels like this.

   For example, I saw about three people DNF The Witch Hunter and others gave it low ratings. That alone made me sort of nervous to start it. And I ended up not liking it as well. But these opinions were indirected because they posted in on Twitter and I also wandered on Goodreads. So sometimes it's just my fault for being on the internet, where anyone can be spoiling books.

   The internet is just such a dangerous place for book lovers like me. It's just full of unwanted book opinions or spoilers. 

Am I the only one who feels like this? Do you like hearing people's opinions on the book you're about to read? Or do you like going in knowing nothing at all?


  1. What a GREAT topic! I love to read and I'm also an author. I love that people READ. I could give a crap if I like what they read or not - AS LONG AS THEY ARE READING! People love or hate 50 Shades. Guess what? Love it or hate it - there is a whole slew of people reading now that years ago never picked up a book for pleasure. Harry Potter - kids are reading again! Gone Girl - one of my favorite books ever because I loved the twists and I wouldn't change that book for the world. Others couldn't stand it. It doesn't matter. I want people to read and like my books. I know that not everyone will. Sure, it sucks, but at the same time, you like what you like.

    It goes both ways, though. People RAVE about how great a book is and then I pick it up and think, "Meh."

    Loved this post.

    1. Exactly!! There are some people that say "oh this book is crap" and maybe they don't like it but it at least it's got some people picking up books. They also say the same thing about Twilight and how the story is just crap. But Twilight is what got lot of people reading YA in the first place! :)

  2. I wrote a post of my own about this sort of thing a while back, talking about when I hate a book other people loved, or vice versa. And it weirds me out every time. I wonder if I'm even reading the same book that other people are. It's not so bad for when I like a book other people didn't; that just tells me I have lousy taste in books sometimes. But when I read a book and I find plot holes and stuff that doesn't make sense and poor character development, and then I find out that book is getting praised by dozens and dozens of other people, I wonder how so many of them can't see the problems I'm seeing. How did they miss this? How can they say this was good? What are they seeing that I don't see?

    I like seeing what other people have to say about a book, though, especially if it's a book I've read or I really want to read. Sometimes I end up forewarned, knowing that when I start reading a book, other people have pointed out certain problems. So I end up enjoying it more than I might have otherwise, because I know that those problems are there before I go in, and sometimes I can overlook them more because I knew in advance. (Not always, but it has happened.)

  3. I generally prefer to read up on a book before I read it (so I don't waste my time with stuff I know I won't enjoy), but I'm also aware that I've wound up loving books other people didn't and really disliking books everyone else loved; so it's a toss-up no matter what. :)


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