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Friday, June 12, 2015
   Last month was a really bad reading month for me. I only got to read four books when I usually read about six to eight books a month. My reading slump got the best of me and the books I did read were not helping either. They just weren't my type. There was one that was 2 stars and another was 3 stars. The only one that I did enjoy was The Wrath and The Dawn. But I didn't completely love it the way I wished I had.

   During the first week of June, I joined the TBR Takedown readathon where you read 5 books that each pertain to a challenge. And it definitely helped me tackle some books off my reading list.

The Challenges:
1. A book that's been on your TBR shelf over a year! (The Stars Never Rise & Hopeless)
2. A first book in a series on your TBR shelf. (The Witch Hunter)
3. An "out of your comfort zone" book on the TBR shelf! (Those Girls)
4. A book from your most recent book haul! (Howl's Moving Castle)

   The 5th challenge was to read an unread sequel and I ended up not doing that one because the only sequel I had not read was Heir Of Fire. But that one would have been unrealistic since it's such a long
book. And I also plan on re-reading Throne Of Glass and Crown Of Midnight before getting to it.

   I didn't want to go crazy with this month because I've come to realize that when I create a monthly TBR, I tend to forget about it and pick other books instead. And I'm also a big mood reader. So instead of looking at it that way, I decided to choose books that are like priority to me because they are the books I'm really looking forward to reading. And I want to get to them this year!

   I also figured out a new plan to tackle the arcs that I still have left to read. The previous way I was handling it was to read it before it's release date. But I decided that it was making me a little stressful. So I decided that I could just read it around it's release date. I'll be reviewing it the same month as the release date. Or around the same week as the day of it's release. And it has sort of relieved me a little.

   Here are the books I hope to read this month:
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What are you guys reading for the month of June? 


  1. I think A Million Miles Away sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to reading your review! Happy reading! :) Thanks for linking up with GET SOCIAL this week! :)

    1. I'm currently reading it and it seems okay so far. I'm hoping it gets better as I start to dive into the story. I'm only like 60 pages in :)

  2. I'm really curious about The Stars Never Rise. I can't tell from what I've read on it if I'll like it or not. I'll be curious to hear your thoughts. I hope you enjoy all the reads!


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