The Bloggers and BookTubers Hate

Wednesday, June 17, 2015
   I don't know if you guys have heard about the drama going on in the book community. But I basically discovered the rift that's been going on between bloggers and booktubers. 

   Just a few days ago, a couple of bloggers were talking negatively about the booktube community. And were making generalizations about them as a whole. 

   What really upset me is when I saw for myself who the bloggers were and what they were saying. Because I knew their blogs and they've been blogging for a while now. And people that start a blog may look up to these bloggers. So it's so not okay with what they said. Because they may or may not
know that they could also have booktubers as followers.

   The bloggers already apologized. But that still doesn't make it okay because it did happen and it hasn't been the only case that's occurred I'm sure.

   But I feel like this whole hate between the two communities is getting ridiculous because we all love books. Like why is there even hate at all?! We're all book lovers. The only difference is the way we express our love for books. One is written and the other is in video format.

  I mean I think I understand how some bloggers feel. Booktube is becoming such a big thing in the book industry. And I think that's fueling jealousy in bloggers. Maybe they feel like the attention to blogs is diminishing. Perhaps in a few years booktube will be the new big thing. Who knows? But I do know that it's still no excuse for the hate.

   Youtube has always been very popular. Lots of people love watching videos instead of reading blog posts. Maybe some readers only want to read books and not blog posts. And they prefer to actually hear someone talk. And we all know that not lot of people love reading that much too. 

   I'm not trying to call anyone out but we all know that everyone should be careful with what you post on the internet. It's not the place to have these kinds of negative thoughts. That's why they say to think before you speak or act. We have freedom of speech but somethings are better left behind in private. Especially on social medias where people can see and reply back and arguments can start.

To Booktube

   I give my props to the booktubers for making it look so easy when it's not. I've already done some videos and it's intimidating to talk to a camera. I've already done several videos. Some are published and some have only been for practice. And I definitely see my improvement. But then there's the whole editing thing that's so daunting and time consuming when you don't know what you're doing.

   In time, I think I may want to switch over to just filming videos because I find that it would be easier to just film than write posts. It's really fun to talk about my love of books. And I find the booktube community to be so engaging which is why I've taken a liking to it.

   I only have two videos and I have yet to do a video review. But I've been so nervous that I won't be able to review a book the way I do when I write it.

   And that was also something else that I wanted to bring up. The bloggers were talking about how video reviews weren't that good or meaningful. And that is just bull because there has been lots of insightful reviews I've watched that have helped sway me on whether I read a book or not.

   There are some where there's a lot of fangirling but so what?! Everyone has a different way of reviewing books. If they just want to fangirl, that's fine. If they want to have a written review with lots of gifs, that's fine. We all have our style of reviewing which is why I find it sad that the two book communities don't get along. Or some people from both sides don't get along. Not all bloggers hate booktubers. So I wish the two communities engaged more together.

   We should just create a name that refers to both bloggers and booktubers. We should name ourselves "Bookgers" or "Blogtubers." It sort of feels like the two communities are segregated. And in all honesty, I hope something is done about this in the future. Sort of like a meet-up in book events like BEA.

Have you guys heard of this? What do you think with all this that has been happening?


  1. Great post. I'm in 100% agreement with you.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you think so. I felt the need to inform people of this issue that's been continuing in the book community because it's just getting out of hand :/

  2. Lmao what is even going on?? I have mad respect for BookTubers. What people don't seem to notice in these kinds of discussions is that it takes a lot of courage to film videos of yourself and post them online. In order to be a successful BookTuber good content isn't enough, you have to present yourself pretty well, be charming and and all that. Not every successful Bookblogger might make a good booktuber. And that is because they are two completely different mediums. This is so ridiculous and childish - you can't compare these two?!
    It's like the old discussion of ebooks vs physical books, of online movie streaming platforms vs cinema and all that jazz. Frankly, there is no need to discuss because these two platforms will NEVER EVER cancel each other out or overlap. Videos aren't for everyone and neither are blog posts. There is a niche for everything and I don't think we're in competition with booktubers at all. I'm glad that I hadn't noticed this discussion was going on because it's super childish and pointless.

    1. Exactly!! Sometimes it's not easy to write blog posts but it's simple to do so. But to film a video we have to have good lighting, get ourselves ready for the camera, and not stutter. And booktubers have gained my respect because they take the time to edit their videos so that their viewers can actually enjoy their time. And this whole hate is becoming ridiculous!

  3. I love booktube and I also love bloggers, I'm confused as to why there is drama. I agree though, we should all get along due to our shared passion for books. And yeah, filming and editing videos are not easy, but it's fun to engage readers in a new way.

    1. Me too! I seriously don't understand why there has to be hate with the two communities :/

  4. I've never heard of the 'friction' between the two. But personally, I like them both. I'm actually considering starting a booktube channel on top of my book blog. :)

    1. Me too. I've already done a couple videos. And I'm doing more but for practice only. I need to work more on talking to the camera lol.


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