My Blog Turns Two Years Old!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015
   I can't believe it's been 2 years already! Time flies by quickly and I never imagined that I would be blogging for so long. Or that I would connect with so many amazing bloggers and authors!!

   When I first created my blog, I never expected to actually reach any viewers or get any comments. But wow, I've come so far. I've reached some milestones I never thought I'd reach like
hitting 1,000 followers on Twitter!

   That's crazy especially since I wasn't the best at social networking in the beginning. Now Twitter is my life!! I love talking to bloggers and authors. It's practically easy for me to do it now.

   Another bookish highlight of this year was getting to go to the ALA Midwinter Conference.  It was my first book event experience and BEA might be my second if I get to go next year!!

Awesome Twitter Friends:

   I've gotten to know so many amazing people on Twitter. I think my blogging should be moved to Twitter because it's such a blast getting to know so many bloggers!

Brittany | Amber | Kaitlin | Aimee | Erica | Christy | Nori | Sarah
Faye | Crystal | Helena | Genesis | Meredith

   My Poldorks!!

Rachel | Kristen | Nicole | Nicola | Kathryn

   I can't forget the Poldark crew. I'm talking about the PBS show called Poldark, which stars the love of my life, Aidan Turner <3. I love chatting with these awesome ladies about Poldark and live chatting with them when a new episode airs!!!

My Aether Family

   I was really surprised when I heard that I was chosen to be part of the Truthwitch Street Team. SO HAPPY!! And although the Aether clan was not my first choice I wanted to be in, I don't regret being part of the amazing team! First, we were just complete strangers and we've grown closer ever since!!

Lizzie | Mishma | Cassie | Hannah | Kaye | Melissa | Julia | Jocelyn | Jessica | Jill

My Blog's Name & Design:

   My blog's gone through quite an adventure when it comes to it's appearance. 

   If you're a new reader, then you won't know that A Reader Under The Sea was originally called Watcha Reading. I hate thinking about it because I was not a fan of that name. I thought long and hard about the new name because I didn't want to have that feeling of not liking the name again. The new name comes from my love of mermaids. I grew up loving The Little Mermaid even though Mulan is my favorite Disney princess!

   I want to give major thanks to Claudia from Pen Markings for creating a design I really love!!! She completely blew my mind. I only had the idea of wanting a sea theme and she completely outdid herself!!

 For the first time since I started blogging, I am fully satisfied with the look of my blog! Just look at how hideous my blog was back then.

Back Then:


Here Are Some Stats:

60,597 Total Pageviews
6,638 Average Monthly Site Visitors
498 Google Friend Connect Followers
627 Bloglovin' Followers
206 Youtube Subscribers
1,418 Twitter Followers
781 Facebook Likes
314 Instagram Followers
407,296 Google+ views
119 Google+ followers

300 Total Posts
103 Written Reviews

My Most Popular Posts:

   I'm super happy that so many people seem to be loving my discussion posts. This year, I've gotten a ton of ideas for discussion posts. And I'm so happy for myself because it was something I lacked in my first year of blogging. And I seem to enjoy discussions more than I do writing reviews.


   I don't actually have a giveaway specific for my blogoversary since I have one for the Blog Friends Forever Hop so I just extended it for a couple more days if you want to enter it! Click here to see the books you can choose from. 

So how many years have you guys been blogging? And what's your favorite part of being a blogger?


  1. My blog just turned 2 in September :)

  2. the pictures garden is one of my favourite blog with the one from Suzanne Johnson

    my blog is... hum 4 years old already!

  3. YAY congrats on turning 2!!!!! Novel Ink is 3 year old :D It sure goes by fast.

  4. Yes Poldark sister!! I love our group and the chats are so much fun <3 I'm so so happy we've become friends!! So many congrats on 2 years!

  5. Wow, 2 years. I can't to get to that point! I love the blog redesign you've gone through. Claudia is incredible and I'm happy she did your design!

    Yay Aether Clan.

    I hope one day to watch Poldark!!!

  6. Congrats on turning two! Your blog is lovely!

  7. Happy Blogoversary!

    I have so much fun talking to you on Twitter as well and I hope we continue to have many more converstaions! Mulan is one of my top favorite Disney Princesses (it's hard to choose!) but I was little when The Little Mermaid came out so it has a special place in my heart.

  8. Happy blogoversary! I really like the blog design and definitely approve of The Little Mermaid nod. :)

  9. AHhhh huge congrats on two years! Really enjoy reading your blog and I just cannot stop staring at your new blog design! I can't wait for the future and MORE BLOG POSTS! XDXD Love talking with you on the twitters and I hope to talk to you more on it! Also, love seeing the change in your blog design as I have had pretty crappy designs as well hehe

    ~Kaitlin @ Next Page Please!


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