How To Expose Your Blog!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

What happens after you start a book blog? How do you get people to visit your blog?

   Starting a book blog may be the easy part but now the hard work begins. You have your posts ready but now you're missing readers.

   You can't just sit there and expect people to find your blog if you don't share it to the world. You have to put yourself out there! And just how do you go about doing that, you may ask? I'll tell you how!

Become Active In Social Medias

   I think every blogger should have a Twitter account because lots of bloggers are on there. You can tweet links to your blog posts. Just don't use your account to self-promote your blog a lot because it will look terrible! And I guarantee you that nobody will actually click on the link if your whole feed is full of just blog links.

Example Of A Bad Tweet:

   It's also a turn off when you constantly just tweet your blog links with a bunch of hashtags like the example tweet above. That's a fast way to get me to unfollow you. The same thing goes for when an account is just posting giveaway entries.

   I'm not saying you can't tweet links for giveaway entries. But at least, spread it out, and don't make it all about it.

   You have to actually interact with other people. Talk about your love for books and discuss what you love. Make connections with other bloggers! You never know, they might check your blog out. And you could walk away with awesome friends.

   I was really shy at first. Every time I would see bloggers interacting with each other, I would be intimidated to jump into their conversation. But I assure you, they won't bite. Bloggers are really fun to talk to because we all have one thing in common: books.

Visit Other Blogs

   Start blog hoping around! Check out other people's blogs. And you should also leave some comments. But I will say this... Don't leave comments just because you want them to comment on your blog. Do it because you genuinely love the blog post. Never leave a generic comment and ask the blogger to visit your blog.

   Comments make people's days but when the comment looks like they didn't even read the post, it just looks pointless to me. 

Weekly Memes

   I think doing memes as a newbie is a great way to put your blog out there. Especially with the popular bookish memes out there with the linky since you can leave your link to your post. And people can come check it out.

 At the bottom of the post, you'll find the linky and you just click on the "You are next... Click here to enter," which will take you to the entry form like in the picture below.

   Here's a tip though... I think it's more effective in getting visitors if you leave your link right when the host of the weekly meme has their post. WoW's and Top Ten Tuesday's always goes live at midnight. And Stacking The Shelves goes live usually around 4-6am. Sometimes I get lucky and wake up when the post has been barely posted and I enter my link immediately.

Popular Weekly Memes:

Stacking The Shelves: Feature all the books you received for the week or month.
Top Ten Tuesday: Feature 10 books of a topic that's chosen for that date.
Waiting On Wednesday: Talk about an unreleased book you're dying for.

   Just beware that, sometimes, weekly memes tends to lead to generic comments.

   There's a lot more memes than the ones I listed. But they are the most popular and fun ones to participate in.

   Just make sure your blog doesn't get crazy with all the memes because not everyone is into them!

   What did you think of this post? Was it helpful? Tell me all about it in the comments!


  1. This is exactly the kind of post I want to read right now - I just started my book blog this week! I'm still getting the hang of blogging social media, memes, etc.

    On a totally silly note, the title "how to expose your blog" made me me imagine a shifty-eyed, trenchcoat-wearing man on the subway who hisses "Psst.... wanna see my blog?"

  2. Love this post!! Such great tips!! Ty for posting this!! I started blogging in July of this year so i'm pretty new at this. I'm learning to Network more and socialize every chance I can get. Great post and love your blog design!!!

  3. This is a wonderful post for new bloggers. When I first started I struggled to find info like this and had to ask older bloggers what the heck to do. I didn't get memes AT ALL. I was so confused haha

  4. I found this post very hopeful... I feel like reading your article reveals to me that I am not making the most out of my twitter feed. I feel like I could use more tutelage in this area. I don't really know how to use twitter in the way you describe!


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