My Shelfie Bonanza!!

Monday, November 16, 2015
   Welcome to #TheShelfieHop!!!! Home of the blogger's shelfs!! This was an amazing idea created by Crystal from Bookiemoji & Kristen from My Friends Are Fiction.

   I already love taking pictures of my books and this is a perfect excuse to take a picture of all my books on my shelves!! This will be like a long tour of my shelves.

   But warning... there's many MANY pictures!! I would have taken a shot of each shelf but then you wouldn't be able to clearly see the spines of every book so I took.

   My shelves are all very disorganized right now. I used to have my living room shelved sorted by fantasy at the top, contemporary in the middle, and the ones that don't fit in in the very bottom of the shelf. But I recently just moved them by how much I want to read them and then a shelf to the ones I've already read. But they're becoming out of order again.

First up is the shelf I have in the living room...

1st Row

2nd Row
   *ALERT* Oops, I forgot to take a picture of the second half of the row. I'll do it in the morning when I wake up. 

3rd Row

4th Row

Last Row

My Attic Shelf

   Mostly, all the books in my attic are endangered from being donated and given away. I actually have more than what I have in the pictures. But I didn't take pictures of those since I'm already getting rid of them.
   These Harry Potter books are actually my sister's but I thought I would include them. Why not, right?!!

The Shelves In My Room

   I used to keep books I absolutely loved in my room. But I decided that I wanted to take most of those out and put books I've been wanting to read for such a long time!

   All the books in the above two rows are basically my top TBR!! I just want to read all of them now.

   This is where I keep two of my favorite series ever! I really love The Arcana Chronicles and the Sweet series. But there are two books that don't belong because they don't fit anywhere else. The struggle is real!!

   Here's my tiny collection of my New Adult collection and two YA books that don't belong.

Here Are The Books On My Nightstand!! 

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So do you also have a lot of books on my shelf? How do you organize your shelves? 

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