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Saturday, November 21, 2015
Do you believe that every book must be read at the right moment?

   What if there was a time where you were reading while you were sick? Or you were reading at a party that you couldn't concentrate?

   Don't you guys think all these factors come into play on whether or not you enjoy a book? They may take away from a reader truly enjoying a book.

   I recently read a book called Amour Amour, which I've already reviewed for you guys. I've mentioned how it's now my favorite New Adult novel ever!! Ever since I've finished it, I haven't been able to get it off my mind. And I've continuously gone back to read my favorite scenes because it's just that good for me.

   After I finished it, I thought "wow. I've never read anything like this and I need more circus romances in my life." I went in search of similar stories but have failed in finding anything like it. That's where I wanted to bring up one of my points.

   If you read a 5-star book or one of those instant-favorite books, should we even try to get into another book?

   We all know books are all different from each other. And when we love a book so much, we can't expect to read a book like it because when we start to compare, it will just pale in comparison.

   Think about it as if you had just gotten off a romantic relationship. I know it's a horrible comparison but it would be like you're trying to find a rebound book.

   When we read a book that has left us in a terrible state of a book hangover shouldn't we try to hold off before we get into another book?

Have you guys ever been in this type of situation?

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