December TBR

Thursday, December 3, 2015
   Just a couple days ago, I realized that I never made a bucket list for all the books that I wanted to read. This year my TBR pile has been so neglected since I've been mostly reading ARC's.

   I made a bucket list for November and December. I didn't read much in November so that was kind of a fail. And then I got a couple ARC's that release in January so I'm focusing on those.

Here is part of my physical TBR:
   I can't wait to get into all these. I'm not too sure about Thicker Than Water or The Mystery Of Hollow Places. They don't really seem to catch my attention but the publisher sent them both along with the two books I had requested.

   I'm going to try to read The Orphan Queen once again. Last time, I wasn't into the characters or the story but, hopefully, it will catch my attention this time!

   I'm currently reading Truthwitch right now and loving it so much!! I was so nervous at the thought of not loving it since there has been so much hype surrounding. Plus Susan Dennard is so sweet.

   I had created this super long and very unrealistic TBR because I wanted to include books I already had and ARC's I have to read. I only decided to keep The Orphan Queen and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I doubt I'll even finish all of these either but I think I'm off to a great start with almost finishing Truthwitch!!

What are you guys reading for the month of December?

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