How To Save Money On Books

Thursday, December 17, 2015

   Having trouble with your TBR Pile? Don't have any more room for books? Do you keep buying too many books? All of this can be resolved!!

   Read The E-Book FIRST!!

   Don't buy a paperback because why add a book to your shelf if you don't know if you will like it. At least if you buy an e-book and you don't like it, then it wouldn't waste shelf space that can be used for a book you do like. Reading the e-book is my number one rule. And it saves me a ton of money since paperback/hardcovers cost way more money.

Ask Yourself: Will I Re-Read This?

   When you have finished an e-book and you liked it and you want to buy the physical copy of it, ask yourself this: Will I Re-Read This? Did you love it that much that you want to own it on your shelves. You should only want to buy physical copies if you are going to re-read it.

   I'm not going to tell you that you can't buy books. Go ahead. It's your money but these tips can be life savers because maybe in the future, you might not read it as much.

   My favorite books change all the time and you move on. We change as readers and we find even better books to love.

Wait After The Book Has Been Published.

   Chances are that the price of the book will drop and you could have saved yourself some money for another book.

Kindle Freebies

  Do you realize that Amazon has a complete section of free e-books?!! There's lots of them.

   I think lots of people frown upon them because they think free equals "shitty" books. That's so not true! Maybe they are some poor quality self-published books but I've discovered some very good books out there. 

Go To The Library 

   Nothing better than free books, right? If you don't love reading e-books but don't want to waste money on physical books, then this is a perfect solution!!

   Of course, you'll have a limited time but it's FREE!!! You can read all the books you want and you'll have saved 100% of your money. Unless you lose the books and you'll be charged.

Book Outlet Is A Lifesaver!

   This is a Canadian-based online bookstore that sells extremely cheap books. They sell remaindered books. (Particular books that weren't selling well and the publisher sold them to Book Outlet for a cheap price. Or there were too many printed copies) They will typically have dots or a dashed line somewhere on the page edges. But are all in new condition unless it's marked as Scratch/Dent.

   I have bought numerous books on the site and have saved myself so much money. There's hardcovers that can be cheap as $2.49. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!!

What do you think about all these money-saving tips?

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