My 2016 Reading List

Monday, December 14, 2015
   Because I am an idiot, I never thought about making a bucket list for all the books I wanted to read for 2015. That would have been really helpful especially since I neglected my TBR in favor of reading the arcs that I had obtained at ALA Midwinter.

   I wanted to prepare myself since I know 2016 is full of lots book releases. While I don't want to ignore them, I don't want to ignore the books I do own again.

1st Priority TBR pile:

P.S. The Raven Boys, Poison Study, The Storyspinner, and Stolen Songbird are on their way and will be included in the 1st pile!!

2nd TBR Pile (Less Priority):
   Honestly, I really tried to lower this but I didn't want to leave any of them out!! Maybe I'll read some of the books on the "less priority" TBR before the ones I named priority. Who knows? I'm not trying to make this really stressful. I'm such a mood reader so I want to read what the heart wants to read!!

   I just want to finally get to these because I wish I had gotten to them this year but I didn't.

   Apparently, my average of books I read per year is forty-nine. But this year, I pledged to read sixty and I only need 3 more books to meet my goal!! Next year, I might bring it to eighty. I haven't decided but I think if I listen lots audiobooks. It could really make a difference.

   These piles are a bit unrealistic that it will probably come back to bit me in the a**. At least, I know where to start from.

   I'm joining these two challenges which will surely help me lower my TBR. I know last year, I went a crazy spree where I signed up for so many challenges. And I am not going to allow myself to sign up for anymore because it's just stressful to try and keep up.

Sign up here.

Sign up here.

Do you guys have any specific books you hope to get to next year?

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