Why Is It So Hard To Adapt Books Into Movies/Tv Shows?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Is it just me or are movie directors allergic to source material? Why can't they just stick to the books?

   I hate when people say the books are based on the books only and that they're very different.

   I get that the movies can't follow the books page by page but when you're leaning away from the original plot, why the hell are you creating the movie in the first place? Fans come to see the book come to life, not watch it get royally pooped. 

   The idea to write this post came to life because of the Shadowhunters TV show that's premiering in January. I watched an interview with the actress that plays Izzy in the show. She talked about how she started reading the books to get a feel for her character.

   She said, "I read the first book and I was starting to get really confused with what was happening in the books and what was happening in the TV show so I decided I was going to stop reading it. It was too much."

   Then it got worse when she said, "We're staying really true to our characters but the TV series gets to go to places that the book never went to."

   When she said that, it just got me thinking. They're probably already screwing with the plot. I'm just like NO!!! We don't want the books to be taken in a new direction. Why can't they just stick to what was written in the books?

   I was so disappointed with the Vampire Academy adaption. It was completely off. I don't understand what the hell they were thinking. They basically tried to pass the book off as a comedy. The main character is witty and sarcastic but the book has a darker feel to it, which the movie failed at creating.

   I'll admit that I enjoyed the movie. But as a book fan, it did not impress me. And Dimitri's actor was way too old to my liking so Rose and Dimitri's relationship in the movie was gross and weird. 

   People have said that looks don't matter when it comes to the movies. Only acting. And while half of me agrees with that, there's a half of me that doesn't.

   Maybe someone's acting can overshadow their looks if they don't appear like the character in the book. But their appearance definitely plays a part in whether we believe in the actor or not, who's portraying someone from the book.

   Something else I really love and appreciate in good adaptions is seeing quotes taken directly from the book into the movie because it just makes it more epic.

   But I'm just scared with all these movies and TV show announcements like the rights for Throne of Glass and A Court Of Thorns and Roses have been sold. And it's scary to think they can mess it up and turn it into a pile of crap.

What do you guys think of this? Has a favorite book of yours been adapted and turned out to be horrible?

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