Making a Marauder's Map from Harry Potter

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

   The idea of making a Marauder's Map just popped into my head and I couldn't stop thinking about it until I made one. 

   I know I could purchase it somewhere but where's the fun in that?? Plus it would be $40+ when I can just make it myself!

   If you're a major Harry Potter fan like I am, then this is perfect for you and I hope you try this because it's so much fun. 🙌 This could be part of a Harry Potter themed gift basket for someone's birthday or Christmas present!

   I thought maybe I could find a printable version online somewhere and I could make it look very old and yellow with coffee because I've seen lots of posts on how to make papers look very old.

  I typed "printable marauders map" and I stumbled upon a Youtube video, which was easy to follow along with.

   It does get tricky at some points but I was able to carefully watch and get the hang of it. The bright side of videos is that we can pause and rewind if we need to. And trust me when I say that I did. A lot!

   Click here for the white printable Marauder's Map template! And click here for the video I followed along to make this whole shebang.

   P.S. This whole project was obviously taken from a Youtube channel and not my own. Just wanted to clarify. But I wanted to show you how mine turned out :)

My Progress:

  • I grabbed two random trays and dropped my sheets onto them.
  • Grabbed the instant coffee and poured it into hot water. But left some dry coffee crystals for later use.
  • Mix the Coffee crystals with the water until it's dissolved and starting pouring it all over the paper.
  • If some areas need a more helping hand turning yellow, pour in those dry coffee crystals. You can carefully rub it around.

  • The chick in the video used a microwave but since I don't want to risk burning my house down, I took the sheets to place them outside and in front of the sun. It worked the same either way. Mine at least saved me from using electricity. Go green!!
  • I lifted the tray to move the water around.
  • Then I dumped any excess water so it could dry faster.

  • The sun was going down in my backyard so I had to move them to my front yard.

  • The papers got crunchy!! 🎉

  • Folding time!!

  • Hear me roar!!! It's coming along!! 📜 😍

  • Freaking out!!! 
  • Look at it!! Isn't it absolutely stunning?!
  • It may not be exactly like in the films but it's still perfect for me. 
  • Just imagine how gorgeous it will look in Bookstagram photos!

   Soo... What did you think of this??! I didn't think of making this into a post but I loved it so much that I wanted to share my progress!!

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