New Adult Vs. Young Adult

Friday, April 15, 2016

   Why is it so easy to get into New Adult than Young Adult?

   If you didn't know, New Adult is a developing genre where the characters are in the ages of 18-30. Most novels take place during college but not all the times. They are intended for readers above the age of 18 or older because there are sexual themes and sometimes they deal with darker issues.

   This year has not been the most easy with my reading. I've been on a off and on reading slump!! Usually when that happens, I pick up a New Adult novel and I fly by through it.

   Why is it so hard to find a good YA book to read? That will super quick to read?? Is it because I'm growing up?!

   I'm only 19 and I feel like the older I get, I start to notice things and be more critical. It takes my enjoyment away. It's just not the same like when I was around 13-16.

  I still love to read YA books but at times, they lack romance which I really love. It's my favorite sub-genre to read about. Sometimes, New Adult books are the only thing that satisfy me. Especially if I'm in a reading slump.

   My favorite genre is High Fantasy but many books in that genre have little romance or none at all. I'm not saying that there aren't YA fantasies with romance. I've read lots of them. But sometimes it's not to my liking. Usually because it's not the main focus or there's not enough scenes with my OTP. I NEED MORE KISSING! Is that too much to ask for?

   Though the reason I'll never give up Young Adult books is because I often enough if there's an important message, it's usually delivered better in YA books than NA or Adult books. If that makes any sense...

   Often times NA and Adult books are overshadowed by all the sex/romance. While I don't mind that at all, I do want there to be a balance. And it's very hard to find books that give me both.

   Maybe the reason I often fall in love with New Adult more quickly is because I haven't read enough of it. I've been reading Young Adult novels practically since the beginning of my High School years. And I need to balance it out with more New Adult novels. And since NA is still a developing genre, there's not a lot of books out there.

New Adult

The Good:
  • Lots of fun sexy times.
  • Definite romance in the story.
  • More likely to be a happily ever after.
  • The romance ark will be resolved.
  • Main character will stay with first love interest (At least, I hope).
  • I'm more likely to relate to the main character (since I'm growing up :O)
  • We'll get an epic sexy time in the last book or at the end of a book.
  • Very quick read.

The Bad:
  • Romance cliches and overdone drama.
  • Possible love triangles but not as much as in YA (Thank god!!)
  • There's not enough NA books in the world!!
  • The genre is still developing and getting started so there's not enough published NA books out there.
  • Less fantasy NA books out there!! (Dammit!! Why?!)

Young Adult

The Good:
(I know there's more good things about YA but my mind is going blank right now!)
  • More likely to have a beautiful message about life and shit.
  • Romance won't be shoved down your face.
  • The romance will be more dragged on in a series (So yay!! More books with the same couple!!)
  • More of variety with genres.

The Bad:
  • Characters could die.
  • Chance of no happily ever after.
  • The author will tease you with the romance and leave you wanting more!!
  • More likely of open endings, which I hate.
  • Love triangles are everywhere!!
  • I'm no longer the age of the intended audience (NOOO!!)
  • Less kissing (Boooo!!)
  • Usually if it's a series, the couple won't kiss as much in the very last book.
  • Less romance. Not the main plot.
  • Chaste kisses.
  • Repeating plots since there's so many YA novels out there that it's hard to find originals.
  • No sex? 🙈
  • More likely to get me into a reading slump.

   You know a perfect YA fantasy with the right amount of romance and sexy times is A Court of Thorns and Roses!! Sarah J. Maas really knows how to deliver it!! I need more of her books please!!

  How do you feel about this? Do you prefer one over the other??

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