Epic Bookstagram Fails

Thursday, May 19, 2016

   Today I share with you some of the problems I've had when I've taken some book photos. It may seem like we're perfectionists at taking photos but most of us take hundreds of shots to find the perfect one... We've just never shown you behind the scenes.

When your shadow gets in the way...

When the book comes out too dark...

When the photo comes out all dark and gritty...
P.S. My nails are that short but I painted them to stop biting and let them grow 😂 💅

When your shoe makes an unwanted appearance...

   It's not always easy to take a good photo that you know is the one you want to post on Instagram. A lot of times you'll hear that it's always best to take multiple shots of the same thing until you find right one, which is something I do. Within all those shots, there can either be so many amazing shots that you can't narrow it down or so many horrible shots that it's very easy to choose one.

Do you have a bookstragram? What kinds of problems have you had?

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