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Saturday, May 21, 2016

   I remember the days I first started blogging and how even though I was still learning, it was very simple back then. I created posts, published them, and then did a little promoting.

   Nowadays when you know so much, it's easier but it's also hard to juggle everything. I like to post the link to a new post at least 2 or 3 times on Twitter. Sometimes I'll post a picture on Instagram about my post.

   I also have to create the graphic for each post, which isn't so bad now since I just use my own pictures I take for Instagram. It's less time consuming than having to create a graphic. But I still have to send the photo from my phone to my computer and then PicMonkey so I can post the title on the photo.

   I never really thought that I would need a way to organize my blog and all. This is after all just a hobby. And I've always loved winging everything. But I've been overwhelmed with juggling everything all at once and it hasn't been fun.

   I've come to the solution that I don't need to do everything in one single day. That's when I thought of scheduling when I post and when I can go blog hopping so it doesn't overwhelm me.

   I hope it works...


   I love blog hopping but there's too many blogs I love to visit now. The longer you blog, the more people you meet and more blogs you'll want to visit. But how the hell do you visit so many blogs in one day? I used to blog hop every day when I first started but that's impossible to do with how many people there are.

   That's when I decided to put all the blogs into three groups and blog hop on three days each week.

   I want to post at least 2 days each week and save the days I don't publish a post so I can blog hop at least three days a week. For example, if I publish a post on Monday and Wednesday, then I want to blog hop on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

   I know I may not always follow this schedule, but I thought having this might come in handy.

   I also created a Google Doc. for saving posts that I don't want to forget to visit. Because I see posts that interest me so many times but I'm just not that in the mood of blog hopping.

   Here are my three groups... It's still a working process since I haven't updated my blog roll in a while and I may need to add a "Group D."

Group A

Group B

Group C

Publishing Posts

   I've heard people who get in the hobbit of posting on the exact same days of the week. But I didn't want to make a schedule of when I should post and limit myself.

   I did decide that I do want to get in the habit of posting at least two times each week. I know back then I tried to post every single day but that's a bit too much now. Especially right now when I'm in a blogging slump and not always in the mood to be active on my blog.

  • At the beginning of each month, I want to post what my reading plans are (Monthly TBR).
  • I'd like to occasionally participate in Waiting on Wednesday and Top Ten Tuesday. But I don't want to clutter my blog with these memes.
  • Post reviews and discussions posts here and there; blog tours whenever I sign up for them; and any other shenanigans I do ;)
  • On the last Saturday of the month, I'll post all the books I got (Stacking The Shelves).
  • The last day of the month, I shall post all the books I read and the rating I gave them. I also want to recap what I posted on my blog. And also share my favorite photos I posted on my Instagram.


   At the start of each month, I love writing everything I plan to post on my blog out on a notebook. Then I write it on my erase board. And I occasionally use Google calendar.

   This helps me keep a balance on whether I'm posting too many weekly memes, participating in too many blog tours, or too many reviews in one month. 


Do you guys have also love to organize how you use and maintain your blog? Or do you just do everything randomly? 

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