Drama In The Book/Blogging Community

Friday, June 17, 2016

   Who would think that people who love to read would be capable of causing so much drama? It'll either be over something stupid or serious... But one thing is for sure, we're all tired of it. It's not the same as it once was.

   I remember when I first started blogging like 2 years ago I know there were a couple incidents and we'd move on. But now it's like we're incapable of going by a week without something happening. Why? Because we're a growing community. And as we continue to grow bigger, there are more people with diverse opinions.

   The world would be a boring place if we all agreed with each other. That's for sure. But clearly some people get so difficult about it and start arguments, which makes it harder for people to share their honest opinions.

   I've typed up so many unpublished tweets and then deleted them because of my fear of backlash. But I should have the freedom to voice my opinion without worrying that someone might react in a negative way.

   I've once said how a character was a favorite villain of mine and someone told me how he wasn't a villain. But that wasn't entirely true. Because he's one of those who villains that turned out to not be so villainous in the second book but he did act like a villain in the first book. I guess it's really up to us to interpret. But this person took to Twitter to subtweet me and say ridiculous things. And was just trying to pick a fight with me.

   This was my first experience online to someone trying to be so negative and I hope to never deal with that personally again. People who try to bring me down have no place in my life! And no one should have to deal with negative people.

   I feel like so many of us start a blog/bookstagram/booktube and share our love for books because we don't have friends in real life who share the same love so why do we tear each other down?! Let's get back to our main purpose... Loving books!!

Let the haters hate and the lovers love. 

   I've been guilty of assuming things and jumping to conclusions. I've regretted things. And we all know we shouldn't judge things we don't understand. Or things we think we know but don't.

   Most of the time it's like we're all standing in a circle playing The Telephone Game, which if you didn't know is a game where someone whispers something to the person next to them and it goes on until the last person is reached. And usually, whatever the first person says has changed A LOT!

   The point is that things on the internet gets easily shifted around as people continuously usually talk about one side of the drama or whatever the hell they think they know. And things are most likely shifting into something it's not if that makes any sense.

   That's why it's always best for people to leave the people involved to handle their business. But obviously one person says something, tweets something about an issue and lots of people get curious to know what's going on. They want details and ask to speak in DM. And it just goes around and around. We get people who will argue. We get people who are tired of this drama. And sometimes we get people who start a big discussion on whatever it is that's going on.

   Just imagine all the dramas in the world. There would be less of it if the people responsible just talked it out in private. But I know what it feels like to want a place to vent their feelings. Some things get blown out of proportion.

   And when people see certain things, we feel the need to tweet our frustration that people are going at it again. I'm not going to lie. I've deleted so many tweets because it's not my business. And there have been times where I've actually tweeted when I shouldn't have.

   I feel like a lot of drama has made us think and discuss and learn. But our book community is being shackled by people who constantly want to make us sink. Especially in the now. Because it didn't use to be this bad before.

   Every single week, there's literally something going on and it's making Twitter an unbearable place to be. For the first time since I started my blog, I've been hanging around Instagram a lot more because it's my newest obsession. But there's also no crap going on. I have dealt with someone problematic but there's literally nothing but people sharing their love for books.

   Having different opinions is NOT a bad thing. Just imagine how boring it would be if readers constantly loved the same books. Having negative AND positive reviews creates interesting discussions. But there are people who takes opinions personally and they get offended and defensive. And they start to turn things into an argument.

    We just have to remember to keep a level head and try to move on from the negative things.

What are your thoughts on this?

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