US vs. UK Covers

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
   Often times when a book is released in more countries, the cover is edited a bit or changed completely to make it appealing to consumers in a specific country.

   I usually prefer US covers but the UK covers have definitely given them a run for their money. 

   There was actually a time when I actually ordered a book from Book Depository because I wanted the UK edition.

US         vs.         UK

  • I love both of these covers but I have to say that I prefer the simplicity of the US cover. Plus the UK cover screams The Little Mermaid to me for some reason. 

  • UK edition. Hands down!!
  • I mean just look at it!

  • I'm not the biggest fan of either of these covers.
  • But I dislike models on covers because it's usually not how you imagine the character so...

  • I love the colors on the US cover but I prefer the font of the UK edition.

  • Definitely prefer that the US cover doesn't use bright colors. And I love Lara Jean's bedroom wall!!

  • How the hell do you choose?!?!
  • They're both stunning!!
  • fjfefeiufefueei !!!

   I've begun to notice that most of the time UK publishers tend to stick to simplistic covers. I've seen them take US covers and get rid of the backgrounds (Example: To All The Boys I've Loved Before)

   I don't hate any of these covers. But I do prefer one over the other. And sometimes it's hard to choose which to buy. 

   I tend to want the ones that are more aesthetically pleasing for Bookstagram. Once you enter the "taking pictures of books," you can never go back and you want all the pretty things you're hands can get a hold off (lol).

Which editions do you guys prefer?

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