February Book Releases

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

   It's been quite a while since I've really started blogging again, I forget I had started this monthly feature of sharing what books release for the month. I decided to bring it back but this time, I will only be sharing diverse books since that's what I want my blog's focus to be on from now on.

(The titles are linked to Goodreads)

New Series/Standalones

≫ February 7

≫ February 14 


≫ February 15

≫ February 21


≫ February 28


 >> February 7

>> February 14

≫ February 21 


≫ February 28


   There's so many wonderful books releasing this month and I want them all!! I'll actually be reviewing a few of these before they release like The Education of Margot Sanchez and Dreamland Burning.

   I'm currently reading Wintersong and it's turning out to be a book I never thought I was dying to read! By the rate it's going (and I'm halfway through), it'll be part of my top ten favorite books this year. It's that feeling you get where you just know it'll be a book hard to beat.

What books are you most looking forward to in February?

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